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Stop feeling overwhealmed! Add your knowledge to Cof8 and access it nearly as fast as thought.

Don't rely on other web sites

Stop worrying about key information sites you use going down, save that knowledge in Cof8! It even works when you are offline!

Share your lessons

Use your new found powers to help others, make your most popular notes beautiful and share them with your team!

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Inline layout

Keep all the notes you are using on hand.

Cof8 allows you to open multiple notes in a scrolling desktop like interface.

Super fast search

Using the latest HTML 5 technologies we ensure your information is always at your fingertips!

Our search bar and results are always there you will never have to wait for pages to load.

Notepads for organisation and sharing

Create notepads to help organise notes.

Share your notepad to allow easy collaboration.

Easy editing and creation

Editing and creating notes is just a click away.

Optimise your search with tags

Add tags to your notes to make sure you can find what you want and not what you don't.

Advanced layouts and displays

With our powerful WYSWIG editor you have the ability to create images, tables and even youtube videos as part of your notes.

Easy access to your knowledge (Enterprise Package)

Get full access to your business knowledge with a master login that can access any account.

User Management (Enterprise Package)

Control who has access to what with our powerful user management interface.

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